Magnetism and an electricity. Benjamin Franklin

you are: Magnetism and an electricity

In 1733 the French physicist Charles Fran├žois Djufe (1698-1739) has come up with idea that it is possible to explain the electric phenomena, having assumed existence of two sorts of an electricity - glass (positive) and pitch (negative). Djufe has resulted the list of substances including glass which allowed to receive an electricity of the first sort, and other list of substances - among them amber, - which gave to an electricity of the second sort. Each of them pushes away an electricity of the kind and draws the opposite. So the doctrine base about an electricity has been put.

The Following step to research of this phenomenon was made by scientific Americas.

The American educator and the scientist, one of authors of the Declaration of independence of the USA Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) who has devoted to electricity studying all life was One of them. He has developed the electricity theory, has proved the electric nature of a lightning, has constructed the first condenser.

Franklin assumed existence universal ' an electric matter ' which cannot be observed in physical bodies in their normal state. Bodies which owing to a friction or contacts receive surplus ' an electric liquid ', are, according to Franklin, electrified positively, but the bodies deprived of the part ' of an electric liquid ', remain electrified negatively. The bodies equally electrified, mutually make a start, but the bodies electrified opposite - are drawn.